Since the I started documenting some of my projects on my website, I think it important to give an overview of everything done so far, and try to describe how my thoughts and priorities are changing based on the results of my experience so far.


Traffic to the website is light, but gaining ground steadily.  I am hopeful that as I continue to write more, traffic will increase as people of like interests discover the website.   In what free time I have, I am studying WordPress as much as possible.  There are a lot of great articles written on the subject, but my greatest like and dislike of the software is the “WordPressyness” of it.  More on that later…

ChuckBox (Camp Kitchen)

It meats my goals in the short-term and I look forward to taking it on a camping trip in the near future.

Phone Server

This is mostly done, but not yet complete. This is sad for me as the Nevada Presidential caucuses are just around the corner and is not deployed in time for all the robo calls telling me for whom to vote or caucus.  The only remaining task is to record the voicemail setup.

Camping Prep

I am continuing to get setup for various camping trips and expeditions with the family.  To that end, I continue to work on the jeep to get it ready.  This is an ongoing project as my family continues to grow and go on more ambitious in our camping endeavors.  Short term plans include returning to Death Valley, perhaps the Eastern Sierra and Zion National park.  The two biggest items I need to discuss is a roof rack for the Jeep, and a new family sized tent.


Last year I passed by technician class license for HAM radio.  For those interested my call sign is KF7QIB.  I typically listen in on local repeaters in the VHF/UHF spectrum.  In the near future, I will start studying for my General license, which further opens up the HF frequencies.  Eventually, I entertain the idea of owning a radio and operating at 10+ meter wavelengths.  In the mean time, I am enjoying playing with an SDR, or Software Defined Radio.  I recently completed a build of a 40M softrock II receiver, and am in the process of evaluating the various control software.  More on this later….


As stated, I recently passed my HAM radio exam.  HAM radio and Linux, two of my favorite past times are married together with IRLP of the Internet Radio Linking Project.  Essentially, you are connecting a radio, to your Linux based computer and connecting it with other linked computers across the internet.   This concept is pretty cool, but cannot replace the range and stability of a good HR radio.  After all, the internet does go down from time to time.

The list continues…

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