The Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, CA.

Located near Lone Pine, CA the Alabama Hills are an awesome spot to visit and explore.  Large boulder formations erupt from the ground and create a maze of canyons, trails and roads.  This feature in itself, is more than enough fun to justify a trip to this area, however add to the equation that the Alabama Hills has appeared in more Hollywood movies than one person can name and you have the perfect combination of terrain and nostalgic history.  The Alabama Hills are featured in many “Western” movies and is the birth place of the Lone Ranger and Iron Man.

A final punctuation mark is the Alabama hills are located in the foothills of Mount Whitney (14,505 ft), the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.

Movie Location Map, Compliments of the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce.

Access to the Alabama Hills is extremely easy, just follow Whitney Portal Road west out of Lone Pine, and take a right turn on Movie Road.  From here the possibilities are almost endless. The BLM publishes the Movie Road Touring Brochure which gives directions on how to find the film locations of some of your favorite movies.

There is an over-abundance of camping locations within the Alabama Hills.  I would love to camp in this site, with the only draw back being the number of tourists driving the trails.  This is actually a big draw back for me.  Most of the trails are easily accessible by almost any vehicle on the market.  My last trip, we saw a brand new Porsche driving movie road.  Personally, my preference is to camp at the nearby Tuttle Creek, Lone Pine, or Mt. Whitney campgrounds.

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  1. Thanks, couldn’t find the alabama hills map on the Lone Pine chamber site. Your story about the Porsche passing you reminded me of when I drove the Alabama hills in my mercury marquis on movie flat road, and passed some guy on his dirt bike, who probably thought he was really out in the wilds. You can take movie flats rd north to connect to moffat ranch, back to 395.

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