Rathbun Family

The Rathbun Family originates from Anglo-Saxon tribes, and first found in Lancashire, England.

Rathbun Family - Block Island
Rathbun Family – Block Island

The Rathbuns migrated to the new world in 1628 and settled on Block Island in 1661 when John Rathbone and his wire Margaret migrated to the settlement colonies from Liverpool England. They were one of sixteen original land owners on the island. The family flourished and grew in the new land and future generations witnessed the founding of the United States and spread completely within its borders as the country expanded into the continent.

The Rathbun Family Crest
The Rathbun Family Crest

The Rathbuns stayed in the north east and slowly migrate down into Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. In this region, the family owned and operated small farms and ranches and fought many of the trials and tribulations common in this area at this time is history.

Our branch of the family tree forks away from the Indiana family group when Ozro Guay Rathbun uprooted his small family traveled from Redkey or Winchester, Indiana in 1918. Ozro was seeking better opportunities and a better life for his young family, pulled up stakes and moved to Southern California. Ozro settled his small family of four (Bessie Pearl, Lyle and Glen) in growing city Los Angeles, California. Ozro’s boys, Lyle and Glenn Rathbun started their families and the footprints of each expanded within Southern California and Nevada.

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