Development efforts continue on the latest website I am working on.  For the first time in a while, I am excited to build something which really has potential to grow beyond myself.  Development work so far is going well, although slower than I hoped.  The reason for the speed issue is that I am trying to wrap my hand around the Web 2.0 concept, and exploiting the open-source community and their hard work.  As such, when I find a cool widget I am going to post about them here to further help and pay tribute to this valuable source of code.

To date with the site, I have a basic framework setup.  Supporting structures are built, such as sitemaps, xml files, etc… and users may actually join the site, and login and out.  My next step in this arena is to allow users to update their personal information as the user component takes shape.  I am hopeful that this portion of the site will be complete this evening.  The biggest issue I see at this point is uploading images files.

The next step will be to design and build the main piece of the site.  I don’t wish to write too much about it at this time.

More to follow…

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