Professional Biography

James L Rathbun
James L Rathbun

James L Rathbun started his professional career when he joined a small development company, Prolific Publishing, Inc. (PPI) in 1996.  He quickly proved his worth in the fast paced environment of software development and was recognized as a dedicated hard worker.  Just months after his arrival, in addition to his IT responsibilities, James was tasked with scripting special effects and animation for Prolific’s flagship video game, Return Fire 2 and writing the installation program.  The results of this effort award James with the responsibility of writing install programs for every game, utility and application Prolific Publishing released.

When Prolific decided to launch a full service digital storefront in 2011, James led the development and production completely, successfully introducing their critically acclaimed websites and which still serves over 70 million users to date.

While the Network Administrator for PPI, James also enjoyed working on much of the award winning software produced by Prolific Publishing Inc., including: Return Fire II, HotWheels Crash ( I & II ), Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone, 101 Dalmatians and a Shrek Game for the Nintendo GameBoy Color.  Additionally, while working for Prolific Publishing, he served as project manager for the Boeing Company with their Remote Aerial Refueling Operator II Demonstrator.

 In July 2007, James was a member of the founding team of Qtask, Inc. which offered a Project Management and Task Tracking system which was offered as Software As A Service (SAAS). In addition to managing the IT team, James deployed servers across the United States in order to support the Qtask infrastructure and development teams.   While working with an International team of designers and marketing, James deployed a feature rich website under tight deadlines.  One such deadline was to code and deploy a fully functional digital shopping cart in just 3 days after the design was complete, to support a Terminator 3 movie screensaver.

In addition to working on virtually every product Prolific published for over 15 years, James also worked on various network and company infrastructure projects including custom built Linux Load Balancers, Spam Filters for high availability deployments.  James continues to work as a consultant to Prolific Publishing to this day.

In May 2010, James found opportunity with Gaming Technology Group (GTG) when he was hired as GTG’s IT Manager.  When he started at GTG, James was provided a rack full of servers along with an Administrator / root password and told “Don’t break anything”.  With expectations set, while the startup company ramped up sales and marketing, James studied their products and was soon tasked with bringing GTG’s first application GameLinx a Slot Information and Dispensing System to Nevada Gaming Market. 

Immediately upon approval of GameLinx, customer requests required GTG to allow the player points accrued in its legacy PlayerLinx Player Tracking System to a Slot Machine.  James quickly exploited GameLinx to this task, and GTG submitted GameLinx and PlayerLinx to Nevada Gaming Control Board as a Cashless Wagering System.  To accomplish this request, James learned the language of NGCB Gaming Compliance and wrote all of the whitepapers, technical documents, and reports to address NGCB questions and compliance standards.

When GTG developed and released a Player Tracking and Ticketing System for the Nevada Restricted Market, James led the team which built the NGCB Technical Standard 3 Reports.  GTG promoted him to Director of Project Management, and soon his experience writing installation programs was against put to the test.  For GTG, James was now writing the UltraLinx installation programs to install a complete, NGCB complaint, gaming network utilizing PXE Boot Servers, Citrix Zen Server, Windows 2008, MS SQL 2008, Windows 7 Embedded and Debian Linux running PostgreSQL.  This was a project for which, he is uniquely qualified drawing upon his knowledge and experience in Windows and Linux operating system, network infrastructure and services, and database administration and optimization. 

James has 40 years of experience as a computer hobbyist and 25 years of professional experience.  He is a big supporter virtual machine servers and an early adapter of Amazon AWS/EC2. James leverages emerging technologies with tried and true development standards to create effective and easy processes. 

James realizes that team work is of paramount importance to success and that that integrity and honesty are job requirements when anyone is entrusted with data of a company AND the companies customers.