Server Cabinets for the home.

As an active Network Administrator I have several bad habits.  The first is that I play with computers in my spare time.  The second, is that I have too many computers.  Five years ago when I purchased my home, a friend gave me a 1/2 height server rack.  I mounted by home server on a shelf and ‘It began’.

By ‘It Began’ I mean the expansion of my home computer requirements.  Over the past five years, I have added a variety of new systems to my home network, including phone servers, alarm systems, etc…  My 1/2 rack is perfectly suited to hole these systems and my home stereo system as well.  The functionality was nice, it securely holds my computers, although .  However, it doesn’t look all the great.  This isn’t a huge concern for me, but I would always like it to look better.

Recently a friend of mine gave me a full height, enclosed server cabinet.  The cabinet comes with locking doors, side walls, exhaust fans, side doors and in reasonably good shape.  The price was right, and certainly would add a certain cache to my home office.   The server cabinet didn’t come with any shelves, or rails.  The cabinet will be rather heavy when full which could cause a problem in a home environment.  There are a few small issues to overcome, but for me, the advantages significantly outweigh the work.

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Projects – Startup

So, this week I have started up several projects this week, or rather, they are a continueation of projects that I have been working for a while.

Phone system:  I am in the process of migrating my home phone service into a  Linux based SIP phone server.  My goal is to improve my home phone service and dramatically decrease the monthly cost.  Many people are doing away with their home phone service and moving to cell phones, which I can respect and envy.  However, this is not an option when you have home alarms and DVR’s which requrie a phone line.

Additionally, at my house cell phone service can be spotty.  Currently, I have the server built and am working on final tuning and configuration.  More on this to follow…

Camp Kitchen:   My family and I do a lot of out of doors activity, hiking, camping, jeepin, etc…  From our last campout, my wife and I determined that it is time to build a dedicated camping kitchen.  My goal is to have a single box, which can be used to store all of our gear in a small package which easily fits into the back of our jeep with all of our other gear.  I hope to store and organize our stove, pots, pans, utensils and cleaning gear.  More on this to follow…

Website: I continue to reorganize, work on and update my website.  To that end, I have purchased the domain  for my photographs.  This domain is now powered by WordPress.  I am typically not a fan of CMS systems and there limitations quickly limit my ability to develop content to my liking.  However, with the new website, and the fact that I am now blogging more, any limitations are quickly surpassed by WordPress’s ability  to quickly and easily publish articles.  The next minor goal is to continue to find widgets to improve the site, and fix some bugs on the server.