Netgear Prosafe VPN Firewall FVS318v3

As a network administrator I have the opportunities to work with a lot of networking equipment.  Long ago I lost track of all the firewalls and routers that I configured.  The list would read as a laundry list of equipment and include Cisco, Sonicwall, custom-built Linux servers and IPCop.  The cost of this hardware can be intimidating, especially for the home user.

For my home network, for years I would buy a reasonably priced wireless routers which could be purchased and Fry’s, Best Buy or any of the retail stores in the area.  I don’t recall ever purchasing a router online as typically you need it to replace the previous router which just failed.

I would buy “all in one” wireless routers which would be highly recommend by friends or coworkers.  Once installed, they would work great for about 6 months and then fail.  I would RMA the routers, and when the replacement arrived I would give it away, simply because I can’t do my job without my internet connection.   The last router I purchased was a dual channel wireless N router, and sure enough, after about 6 months, it again failed.   I noticed on this failure, that they way it failed was the key to my problem.

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