Friendly URL’s – Apache2, PHP, databases and templates

Search Engine Optimization is all the buzz these days.  Early days of the Internet, websites were all about the information and content, along with really low quality gif clip art.  Early search engine companies found it reasonably easy  write ‘bots’ or spiders to parse the website, analyse the content and make it searchable.  As bandwidth increased, multimedia found its way to the internet, and soon followed by ads.  There was a time for about two years, when all web development was about Adobe Flash. To the point that I even witnesses entire websites being on large flash file.  Flash would make your website look good, but there was no content for an outside source to analyze your website.

So, now Google, Bing and others allow the web developer to encode information about the website within the website.  In the olden times, this was just content.  Now with SEO, you develop your content, and then encode your content, marketing keywords within the html of the site.  This is all well and good, but it makes it more important that your website design to condiser this prior to the start of development.

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Physician, Heal thyself gets a long overdue update.

Several months ago, I overhauled  This website used to feature my photographic efforts which are important to me.  The overhaul is designed to allow me to more easily write about things which are more important to me, and as a result, I created the website to promote my photography.

Today, while I working on another website I discovered that was painfully out of date.  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technology are improved from when my photography website was first published.  To solve this problem, a quick update was in order and while I had the code opened up, I might as well do it correctly.

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