Search Engine Optimization is all the buzz these days.  Early days of the Internet, websites were all about the information and content, along with really low quality gif clip art.  Early search engine companies found it reasonably easy  write ‘bots’ or spiders to parse the website, analyse the content and make it searchable.  As bandwidth increased, multimedia found its way to the internet, and soon followed by ads.  There was a time for about two years, when all web development was about Adobe Flash. To the point that I even witnesses entire websites being on large flash file.  Flash would make your website look good, but there was no content for an outside source to analyze your website.

So, now Google, Bing and others allow the web developer to encode information about the website within the website.  In the olden times, this was just content.  Now with SEO, you develop your content, and then encode your content, marketing keywords within the html of the site.  This is all well and good, but it makes it more important that your website design to condiser this prior to the start of development.

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Development efforts continue on the latest website I am working on.  For the first time in a while, I am excited to build something which really has potential to grow beyond myself.  Development work so far is going well, although slower than I hoped.  The reason for the speed issue is that I am trying to wrap my hand around the Web 2.0 concept, and exploiting the open-source community and their hard work.  As such, when I find a cool widget I am going to post about them here to further help and pay tribute to this valuable source of code.

To date with the site, I have a basic framework setup.  Supporting structures are built, such as sitemaps, xml files, etc… and users may actually join the site, and login and out.  My next step in this arena is to allow users to update their personal information as the user component takes shape.  I am hopeful that this portion of the site will be complete this evening.  The biggest issue I see at this point is uploading images files.

The next step will be to design and build the main piece of the site.  I don’t wish to write too much about it at this time.

More to follow…

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Today, a jeep trip was cancelled at the last moment.  The cancellation was no ones fault, just life.  As such, I found that I had a “found” day today and started work on a new website.  I am not ready to announce the site at this point, I have a lot more to accomplish before that event.

For my new website, I have a new philosophy that I am working under.   My idea is the build the site with as many off-the-shelf open source components as possible.  This will re-educate me to the various projects out in the world and hopefully allow me to deploy quickly.  Beyond just open source, I am hopeful to exploit some of Facebook’s developer features to market the site amount other things.

Although keeping copyright information in open source files is a common feature of open source tools, in order to further pay back the community and the developers who work within it, I have decided to call them out specifically on this site.

Open Source Tools:

  •  jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.  The jQuery website is
  • ImageMapster is a jquery plugin, which allows a developer to quickly build image maps for their website.  This plugin is written and maintained by James Treworgy and more information is available at
  • Sliding Login Panel with jQuery is available from This plugin adds a cool div overlay which can be dropped down to all your users to register and login.  Very cool gadget and easy to implement.

More to come….

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Posting WordPress articles on multiple websites with the click of a checkbox.

Several months ago I reorganized my websites to better communicate my thoughts on my various online projects.  To support my effort, I purchased the domain and relocated all of my photographic galleries to this new website.  In conjunction with, a site for my online consulting presence, is now used to publish various blog articles, thoughts, ideas, projects and serve as a technology test platform.

I installed WordPress on the website, which then makes it easier for me to write and publish various articles and further understand one of the larger Content Management Systems available online.  I want to exploit the back-end MySQL database of WordPress to publish content on multiple websites at the same time.  I started to check the MySQL database for WordPress, and was a bit surprised to see its organizational structure.  I understand why they designed the structure the way that they did, but I can’t say that I agree with its layout.  I assume and that they know more than I do in database design.

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OpenSuse 12.1

OpenSuse 12.1

Being the IT Professional that I am, I keep up a server or two for my private life and online consulting purposes.  I have done this since I purchased the first DSL line in Sunland, CA back in 1997.  To start with, my server functioned as a web server and security firewall because back then you could not just run down to the store and buy one for $35.00.

Times have changed and so has my server footprint.  What started out as a one hard drive, Redhat server mounted in a mini-case, is now a racked mounted 4U chassis, with multiple monitors, 5 hard drives and a Blue Ray player.  I have used and abused this server for years and it served me well, until recently.

It all started a few years ago, when I installed Linux on a new computer purchased from office depot.  I installed Suse 11.0 on this server installation as an experiment, after the suggestion of a good friend of mine and Linux Guru.  I was happy enough with the Linux distribution and the server was operating great.  Overtime, Novell and the Linux community kept updating the software and I am pretty sure that there were a few hard drive and mother board updates in there as well.  As major SuSE updates became available, 11.1,11.2,11.3 and 11.4became available, I would update the operating system to get the latest and greatest.   Slowly overtime the server grew larger and more complex, but I was happy with it.

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