William Engle

William Engle Raised on a farm, William Engle endured all the hardships common to pioneer life. He received a business education in the common schools. Wm. Engle cast his first vote for General Harrison, a Republican. Member of the United Brethren Church for more than 40 years, Mr. Engle was a … Continue reading

Michael Ensley

Notes on Michael Ensley by G. H. Ensley Nov 1959 Michael Ensley I am not certain where he was born.  I have located him on two census records both of which state he was born in Pennsylvania. However census records are not always accurate.  In 1850 Michael was living with George … Continue reading

Lyle Luther Rathbun

Lyle Luther Rathbun Introduction: Lyle Luther Rathbun died in November of 1988 at the age of 86. During the preparations for his funeral, the transcriber of this document note that all 3 of Lyle’s Grandsons, David Bruce Hatton, James Lyle Rathbun & Michael Robert Rathbun were gathered in … Continue reading