Next weekend, I am hopeful that I can try out some new toys and technique on my new area of interest in astrophotography. I am excited to experiment and start the learning process and see what results I can achieve.

I have three areas of interest beyond just having fun. The first goal is I have purchased a SvBony T-adapter to connect my Canon EOS Rebol XS to my telescope, which I am hoping to utilize to take some moon shots. This is a full metal construction and feels and appears to be of decent quality and I am really looking forward to see some results.

SVBONY Fully Metal 1.25″ T Adapter and T2 T Ring Adapter for Canon EOS Cameras and Photography Dedicated CA1 Sleeve Extended Cylinder for Telescope

The second area, is that I have slightly reconfigured my camera to record RAW files in addition to standard JPEG files. I have read that these files record more information in each photograph because they are not compressed, and will provide more data in post photographic session.

The final change I have made to my photographic gear, is I have configured my camera to allow for live view on the LCD, which I am hopeful will make it easier to share the telescope view finder with my son, and niece and nephew.

A final area of interest, beyond having fun will be to compare the photographic results between the telescope and my Tamron 28-300 mm lens. I have had a long series of success with this lens, however it might be a bit out of its element shooting the night sky, This lens was originally purchase for my Canon EOS Elan 7 which was a film camera. Due to the internal hardware of the digital camera I expect that this lens will be closer to 400mm.

I should have more information in about 6 days.