As he neared his home, Capt, Reilly complained to his daughter, Mrs. A. R. Daily, who was accompanying him that he felt ill. Mrs. Daily told him to rest while she summoned a doctor. Capt. Reilly sat down on a embankment, and when Mrs. Daily return with the doctor he was lying on the sidewalk, unconscious. With the assistance of Patrolman M. Daner of the Central Park Station, Capt. Reilly was taken home. He was dead before he reached the house. Medical Examiner Cook said death was due to heart failure.

Capt. Reilly was born in Ireland, seventy three years ago. When he was three years old, he came to Buffalo with his parents and at as early age began sailing the lakes. For nearly forty years he was captain of Anchor Line boats. So highly ######## honor of piloting and oft the first large vessels on the great lakes, the Oceanic was accorded him. He retired several years ago.

Capt. Reill was instrumental in founding of St. Vincent’s church in North Main street. He was a charter member of Holy Name society of the church, branch 219, C. B. L. and the Lake Pilots Association.

He was married to Anna McCormick of this city forty years ago. Surviving Capt. Reilly are his wife, two sons, Cornelius A. and Leo D. Reilly, and three daughters, Mrs. Daily, Mrs J. H. Boland and Mrs Thomas Gaffney.

The funeral will be held from the family home at 8 0’clock and in St. Vincent’s church at 9 0’clock Wednesday morning.