South Bend 9A – “The General”

Project South Bend 9A AKA “The General” is a South Bend Lathe Model 9A which I acquired in 2019. It was a garage find from my wifes Uncle Paul, who purchase the lathe from the original owner sometime in the 1960s. Originally, when we moved it, we move the lathe to my fathers home machine shop until such time I could bring it home. I got the lathe cleaned a bit, setup and did a few projects. The lathe was nick named “The General” because it was produced in 1943 under the War Departments.

Getting Closer to Chips on the South Bend 9A AKA "The General"
Getting Closer to Chips on Project South Bend 9A AKA “The General”

In 2021, we moved The General to my home shop where it will be cleaned up further and then used for a few projects I have in mind. The short list of tasks is to clean up the lathe, which suffers from 75 years of oil and grime build up. The motor is a bit small and the cord is badly frayed. Finally, the stand could use some paint and I plan on building a storage cabinet below to store the tooling and perhaps some material or unfinished projects.

Project Updates

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Getting Closer to Chips on the South Bend 9A AKA "The General" In July, 2018 I was gifted a South Bend lathe, model 9A which…

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Milling a South Bend Lathe T-Nut

Originally, the old South Bend came is a lantern style tool holder. I am sure a skilled machinist can swap tool bits with a minute.…The completed T-nut.

Project South Bend – Cleaning 80 years of grime

When I picked up the Project South Bend 9A lathe from its previous owner, it was in perfectly servable shape. But... it was dirty. There…Before and After - A partially cleaned four jaw chuck from Project South Bend 9A

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South Bend 9A with an aligned tail stock, rewired motor, new tool post and cleaned up from 80 years of use. It was been sometime…

Lighting up the South Bend Lathe

Now that I have a few months working on the old South Bend Lathe, it has become crystal clear that I need to improve the…

South Bend Lathe Summary

ModelSouth Bend 9A
Serial No.162,763
Production Year1945
Original OwnersHarold Kempel
Eccles & Davies, Los Angeles
MotorGE 1725 RPM, 1/4 HP, 115 Volt, 3 AMP