Clark Rathbun – Redkey, Indiana May 2nd 1956.

Clark Rathbun

Dear Lyle and all.

A few lines to let you know we are still among the living. Grant remains just the same. Hasn’t been out of bed for over 5 yrs. Just lies there eats three meals a day and listens to radio. Going on 6 yrs since he had a stroke, he was flat broke in six months. So all the support he has is his relatives. He is quite a care on the girls Helen and Maggie. As for myself I’m going pretty good for an old man. I seem to have good health, only I have arthritis in my knees cant get a round very good. Have to use a cane all the time. I would come out your way this summer, if I could walk good, but its just too hard for me to get around. Well Lyle, I retired 26 yrs ago and about 20 years ago I invested $3,000 in the Wall St Market, when stocks was low, now as you know the stock market is the highest ever in history and the dividends and profits are wonderful, I have studied the stock markets for 45 yrs. Its the nicest cleanest business I ever got in. Its pretty nice when a man gets to old to do anything and have all the money he wants to spend in his declining years. I have a nice little home here, Maggie and Eleanor live with me. I just bought $400.00 worth of new furniture for the front room and I bought Maggie a new sewing machine, a necchi one of the finest made in Italy $445.00. Well I’m just starting to put out my garden. I am putting out a good sized strawberry patch, three different varieties, I have a record player radio, piano and T.V. so I’m well entertained. My T.V. is an R.C.A. Victor. Cost $600 power antenna. I go to S. School and church every Sunday, the lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want, very truly and sincerely yours, your old uncle Clark.

P.S. Best Regards to Betty, Betty Lou, and Robert.