Lydia Noel Ensley
Lydia Noel Ensley

Mrs Lydia Noel Ensley was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania, Jan 6th 1815.  She was removed from Pennsylvania to Stark County, Ohio, in 1822, and from there to Seneca County, 1828.  She there became acquainted with Mr. George Ensley, to whom she married Dec 13th, 1838.  From there she removed with her husband to Butlet Township, DeKalb County, Indiana Nov 14, 1841.  Butler Township the a dense forest, only a few families residing in the township at that time, being one of the first settlers, was compelled to endure all the hardships and privations of early pioneer life.  Moved to Auburn in 1868, where she died Feb 6th 1883., at the age of 68 years and 1 month.  She lived with her family, and rejoiced in seeing them grow up respected, intelligent and worthy.  She had no time or taste for gossip, but was kind and charitable toward all.  She was a faithful, loving wife, and in every way a help-mate.  She became a believer in Jesus and a member of the Lutheran Church in 1845, under the ministry of Rev. William Albaugh.

She lived with her husband, who survives, 44 years and 1 month and 23 days.  Her closing days were peaceful and her faith in Christ abiding, though her sufferings were very great.  She died surrounded by her husband and children who did everything love could dictate for her comfort and recovery.

A large concourse of friends and neighbors attended upon her funeral held in the Presbyterian church and followed her to her grave.  “Like a shock of corn fully ripe,” she is gathered into the everlasting habitations where she awaits the coming on her husband, children and dear ones, where she shall no more suffering and death.

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This document transcribed from the Research of Elizabeth Ensley Rathbun