Congratulations to Dr. Lyle L. Rathbun, 747 N. Euclid Avenue, Ontario, who retired this summer after 52 years of dental practice. Dr Lyle L Rathbun graduated from U.S.C. in 1925, has been an active member of this Society since that time, and maintained a practice in Ontario where he will continue to reside in his retirement. He is a Life Member of ADA and CDA.

Lyle Luther Rathbun – 50 years a practicing Dentist.

Dr. Lyle L. Rathbun says he will continue to attend our continuing education lectures, and the central office will see that he gets the information monthly.

It is a proud day for dentistry when we are granted the privilege of congratulating a member for 52 years of dedicated and outstanding service to the profession. Call Dr Lyle L Rathbun at 714-984-**** and wish him all the joy and satisfaction of a job well done and much happiness in his retirement. We are sure he will appreciate your interest.

Excerpt taken from an unknown author and dentistry newsletter from a clipping his wife Elizabeth Ensley Rathbun had saved. Dr Rathbun practiced dentistry in Ontario, CA for the duration of his career and beyond his successful career, dentistry found Lyle his wife of over fifty years as well.