Lyle Luther Rathbun

Lyle Rathbuns family moved to Los Angeles from Eaton, Indiana in 1918. After Lyle graduated from Manual Arts High School, he managed a grocery store for a year before entering the College of Dentistry at the University of Southern California. Upon graduation, he set up practice in Ontario in 1925 and was inducted into Kiwanis June 18, 1926, and was 41 years perfect attendance. Lyle served as Vice President of our club in 1933 and President in 1935. Many of the programs which Kiwanis carried out in those depression days, such as providing milk for school children too poor to provide their own, were later taken on by the Federal Government. Other club activities that Lyle recalls were the staging of Kiwanis Kapers, (a minstral show) and publishing a razz edition of the newspaper titled “The Dailey Repeat” with the motto “Not a Word of Truth on Any Page.” Lyle’s wife Betty, also an S.C. graduate, was a librarian before they were married. Their daughter, Betty, graduated from Oxy, and obtained her masters degree at U,S,C, Son Bob recently graduated from Cal Poly and is now a Health Officer for Los Angeles County. Lyle is a life member of the American Dental Association.

Excerpt taken from a pamphlet Elizabeth Ensley Rathbun had received from the Kiwanis Club. Unknown Author and publication but may be a news letter from the club.